Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Syncing my iPod to iTunes

I need a recommendation for some good syncing software. I had to reinstall Windows and, as a result, I lost my iTunes music. The music is all stored in my iPod, but when I tried to copy my iPod my music back to my computer, iTunes would not let me sync unless I erased all the music from my iPod! For some reason, iTunes thinks I'm trying to sync between multiple computers.

I'm looking for recommendations for some software that will not only transfer my music over to my computer, but will "remember" my iTunes settings such as my Smart Playlists, ratings, the number of times a song has been played and the last date played. The last two are important as several of my Smart Playlists are based upon this information.

Any recommendations or suggestions would be appreciated.

Friday, May 2, 2008

When's spring coming?

Actually, it's warm tonight, but I see there were blizzard conditions in the Dakotas. We had snow flurries here in Chicago a couple of days ago and thunderstorms today. Go figure.

We did get a rainbow out of it.