Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walter Payton Runs The "Wildcat"

Here's some video from the 1984 season showing Walter Payton running what we now refer to as the "Wildcat" formation. RB Payton lines up at the QB position and either runs out of the formation or drops back to pass. The drive, while promising, ends with an interception.

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Lisa and Maddie

Nice picture of Lisa and Maddie taken in June.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just who are "they"?

As I write this, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen more than 200 points on news that consumer confidence "unexpectedly" plunged. Confidence was expected to be lower, but "they" did not think it would be this low. Also, the past few weeks have seen spikes in weekly jobless claims even though "they" thought it would be lower.

Just who are "they"?

"They" must be a group of influential economists or market makers who gather together in some bunker and make predictions about the monthly economic reports. It seems like "they" are way, way overconfident. I wonder if "they" do this to make money on the market when it goes lower. That's the only reason I can see for "they" to make such silly predictions. Anyone who is out there looking for a job or trying to qualify for a loan or just keeping their heads above water will realize our economy is in serious trouble. Instead of building false expectations, "they" should spend time with real people to better understand what is going on and to come up with a solution to this mess!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Blogger themes

I have used Blogger since 2004. Hard to believe it has been that long! I chose the Blogger platform initially because of its ease-of-us and the fact that it supported custom themes. In fact, it was the themes that first drew me to Blogger.

Since then, theme support has been non-existent and other blogging platforms (most notably WordPress) have added to the variety of themes offered.

Today, I logged into Blogger and discovered and wide variety of new themes that were offered. I was hesitant at first to change my theme, but I changed it to this theme and the change was very, very easy. As easy, in fact, as Posterous is to change their themes.

I like the change and think it has reinvigorated my blog!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Apple iOS 4 software update

I just completed the installation of the new Apple OS for my iPhone 3GS. I bought the phone a couple of months ago after Apple confirmed that the new OS would be compatible with the 3GS. The new OS -- called iOS 4 -- was an easy download from iTunes and the installation was a snap. The OS was made available this morning at 10 a.m. PDT so I had to wait until just after noon to download it here in the Midwest.

The new OS contains many, many upgrades, but the one I am the most interested in using is Folders. You can now combine your apps together into folders to ease the clutter on your desktop. I combined like-apps together such as Facebook, Twitter and Seesmic into a folder that Apple named "Social." I'm keeping the name, but you can rename the folder. I combined my Google Maps, Google, Gmail and YouTube apps together and named the folder "Google." I also have a "Reference" folder and a "Utilities" folder.

In addition to Folders, the new OS supports multi-tasking. I have not yet experimented with that one yet!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ScribeFire for Safari 5

Apple released their new browser yesterday -- Safari 5. This is the first Apple browser to support extensions. ScribeFire released their new extension so I download Safari and then installed the new extension.

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