Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Barry Bonds to miss the 2005 season?

Baseball player Barry Bonds says he might miss the upcoming baseball season due to his recent knee surgery. Bonds says he has a long way to go to rehabilitate himself and be ready to play baseball. He hints that mid-2005 would be the earliest he would return or even 2006.

Bonds, who has been linked to grand jury testimony in the BALCO investigation, is also the poster boy for critics who say that steroids has inflated baseball records.

You don't think his possibly missing the season has anything to do with the steroids issue, do you? And do you think he believes he can avoid it by sitting out this season?

Never entered my mind!

Update (7:13 PM CST): When this story first broke, I did not realize that Bonds went on to blame the media for hounding him and his family and for wanting him to fail. I guess it's convenient to blame the media, blame investigators and probably blame the general public for this mess. You left out the girlfriend, Barry. It's hard to believe, but he just made Sammy Sosa look good!

I hope he's through.

As far as I'm concerned, Hank Aaron and Roger Maris are still the recordholders for home runs hit in a career and home runs hit in a single season.

And Babe Ruth is still the king.