Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Drowning in LPs!

As I mentioned earlier, I spent the weekend in Columbus, Ohio. I brought an antique china hutch for my sister and returned with about a dozen boxes of my old record albums. It was kind of fun to see the albums again. They had been stored in my sister's house since she moved to Columbus in the early '90s.

I returned home Sunday and carried all of the boxes downstairs. I need to go to U-Haul soon to buy some more boxes to replace the ones that seem to be worn out. As I was going through the albums, I found the very first album that I bought. It was You Really Got Me by The Kinks. (The first single '45 that I bought, as I recall, was Tell Her No by The Zombies.) I also found an old Dave Clark Five album called Coast To Coast. When I first started collecting records, the British Invasion was in full throttle!

I also found Lynyrd Skynyrd's Street Survivors LP -- both the "flame" version and the "re-released" version. The "re-released" version came out after the plane crash that killed some of the band members and was minus the flame.

Of course, among these gems are a couple of Tom Jones albums and some disco music...but you can't be right all of the time!

I plan on selling my collection. I would like to find a buyer to buy the entire lot, but I will take several days and weeks to go through everything and then list the better albums on eBay and then hit the yard sale circuit!