Wednesday, August 3, 2005

I HATE summer colds!

I caught a cold over the weekend and it's still with me. I absolutely HATE summer colds! Nothing makes you more uncomfortable than a cold in the middle of summer. In Chicago we're in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures in the 90s and the heat index is above 100 -- so, of course, I have my cold.

I think I caught it at work. Our building is kept very cool, but last week I noticed that I was getting a chill. I normally like cooler temps, but when I start getting a chill, I know something's wrong. I probably should have worn long-sleeve shirts earlier.

I had to work a golf outing on Monday because my company was a sponsor. I was miserable! Fortunately there were enough volunteers there so I could leave early. I stayed home from work on Tuesday but am back at work today. I'm still not feeling great, but I am feeling better.

Did I mention how much I detest summer colds!?