Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Cheney situation

I have intentionally not commented on the fallout over Vice President Cheney's wounding of a fellow hunter while shooting quail last Saturday. I know the late-night comics are having a field day over this...as well they should. The best line I’ve heard so far is that the shooting “…is the worst shot from anyone from the White House since Clinton hit Monica’s dress.” -- comic Alex Kaseberg.

I'm troubled that the person he shot now has more serious medical issues having suffered a minor heart attack. I'm more troubled by the delay in reporting the news to the public. The shooting took place on Saturday and was not reported until sometime Sunday afternoon. Obviously the damage control team was called in to craft the message sent to the media. Now I hear that the local small-town newspaper was the first to get the story.

Hunting accidents, unfortunately, are not rare occurrences. These things happen. Public officials should be quick to admit when things go bad. As a Republican, it's really getting harder and harder to defend these guys.