Saturday, April 8, 2006

Sprint Ambassador Program update

It's been a long time since I've checked in and I wanted to provide a quick update on the Sprint cell phone service that I am testing. As background, I was sent a Samsung A920 cell phone with free membership in the Sprint Power Vision Network. I currently have a "regular" Motorola cell phone from Verizon Wireless so having access to a multimedia phone is a lot of fun. The phone is very intuitive...I've rarely needed to use the handbook that came with the phone. ( I guess it's "guy thing.")

What has been fun for me is the ability to download somgs in WMA format from Sprint's music service to play on my phone. An added (and cool) benefit is that in addition to the songs being stored on the phone, I can also download them to my computer. The songs normally cost $2.50 (I get them free right now), but you get the song on your phone and your computer.

The only negaitve experience I've had is using the camera. The photo quality -- at just over 1 megapixel (compared to my 6 megapixel digital camera) -- are inferior; but that was expected. Storing the pictures on my computer is not intuitive. I finally figured it out, but it took some time. Again, I have a regular (non-camera) phone so the learning curve for me was steep.

More later..........