Tuesday, August 12, 2008

“Contact Us”

I have a little rant about the “Contact Us” links on some websites. My rant has more to do with them not contacting me than about me contacting them. Over the past couple of weeks, I have completed forms or sent e-mails inquiring about service information. I realize that I could have called a phone number and spoke to a live person, but I preferred the more passive approach. I did not need information right away but I did want information to make an informed decision. My requests were as follows:
  • Contacted an online vendor of wheelchairs and walkers and asked for information about a walker for my mother who broke her hip last February. I completed a form on their website.
  • Contacted a gas contractor about installing and testing my natural gas BBQ grill. I completed a form on their website.
  • Contacted a local coin dealer about the steps to grade and certify a coin. I clicked a link that opened my e-mail client.

To date, none of these companies have contacted me back. The online vendor lost any business as I bought a walked from a local retail store. That was probably better anyway as I got a chance to compare walkers.

The gas contractor bothers me as I do want to get my grill installed. I bought it at Lowe’s right before Father’s Day and I had it hooked up free by someone I know. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and the grill apparently wasn’t installed properly. I’m willing to pay a professional to come out and install it correctly and test it to make sure there isn’t a problem with the grill itself. I [foolishly] thought by completing the form and giving them my problem and my location, I would at least get an estimate to come out for the service work.

The coin dealer is a minor irritant. I’ve been to the dealer’s store before and it’s a pretty good shop. I’m very surprised they did not contact me back. Since I moved last fall, the store is now out of my way and I don’t feel the urgency to go to him. Hopefully I’ll locate another dealer closer to me.

I realize these are all minor rants, but it’s still irritating…especially when they say the “best way” to reach them is by completing a form.