Thursday, December 22, 2011

Voting change for the 2012 election

I am proposing a change be made for the upcoming 2012 election -- both for the congressional and presidential election. Instead of the ballot showing the name of the candidate and his/her party affiliation, the name should simply be followed by "Incumbent" or "Challenger." In the event that an incumbent is not running, then both candidates would be the "Challenger." Many people simply vote Democrat or Republican without regard to what the candidate stands for. Removing the affiliation forces these people to learn more about the person they are electing. If they truly want "change they can believe in," then vote the incumbents out!

I think the odds of sending a new congress and, perhaps, a new president to Washington in January 2013 will be increased. Neither party is showing any leadership and time has come for wholesale changes! It's time for all of us to send a message to Washington.