Monday, February 7, 2005

Super Bowl -- Sex, lies and hypocrisy

The Super Bowl was played last night. It was a boring game. We in the Chicago area have grown use to not having our team participate in postseason play so we are forced to choose a favorite. A friend of mine from Boston gave me the Eagles and 7 points so it forced me to have a rooting interest. With the Patriots winning by only three points, I can now look forward to having lunch bought for me!

A lot of people, who otherwise don't follow football, watch the Super Bowl simply because of the ads. I thought the ads overall were weak this year. Because of the fallout from last year's "wardrobe malfunction," the NFL needed to protect us from "indecent" promotional material. They worked in partnership with Fox TV to make sure we were not subjected to halftime entertainment or advertising of questionable taste. Of course, that didn't stop Fox from showing pictures of cheerleaders with skimpy costumes all night or Fox "meteorologist" Jillian Barberie wearing a tight miniskirt during her pre-game weather report. And how many times were we subjected to ads for erectile dysfunction?

One of the more interesting ads was one by -- an Internet registration company. This ad featured a rather healthy-looking young lady who experienced her own wardrobe malfunction while appearing in front of some Congressional censorship panel. The ad was clearing a parody of the outcry experienced last year after Janet Jackson left her mark.

I read this morning that GoDaddy was scheduled to run the ad twice. According to their CEO's weblog, Fox pulled the ad -- apparently at the request of the NFL -- substituting another plug for The Simpsons.

Here's a link to the ad including a "web-only" version. All the Super Bowl ads can be viewed at Also at iFilm is an ad from Budweiser that tried to "explain" last year's Janet Jackson incident. Anheuser-Busch was going to run the spot during the Super Bowl, but they decided against it.

I need to continue further study on the GoDaddy ad to see what all the fuss is about!