Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's starting to get exciting around here!

As I posted several days ago, The Chicago White Sox are in the American League Championship Series playing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (are the Sox then the Chicago White Sox of Bridgeport?). The Angels won the first game of the 7-game series and the Sox took the second game Wednesday night on a controversial umpiring call. The series was then tied at one game apiece as the series moved to southern California.

Last night the Sox won 5-2 as pitcher John Garland (above) threw a magnificent complete game. The Sox now lead the series 2-1 with Game #4 scheduled for tonight. Game #5 will be played Sunday night with the series moving back to Chicago for games 6 and 7 if necessary.

These are exciting times for White Sox fans. As I wrote last July, I'm a Chicago baseball fan with a leaning towards the White Sox. I was born in 1952 and don't really remember the last World Series played in Chicago in 1959. The Chicago Cubs were only 5 outs away from bringing the Series to Chicago in 2003 before the infamous "Bartman Game" which, ironically, was two years ago yesterday.

The Sox now are two games away, but they are playing a very good team at their home park and a lot of things can and will happen before this series has concluded. Hopefully the Chicago White Sox of Bridgeport will bring the series back to Bridgeport/Chicago for the first time in 46 years!