Sunday, November 28, 2004

Blogging with dogs

When I started this weblog, I committed to myself that I would attempt to post something every other day. I haven't quite met that commitment, but I try. Usually I'll put my thoughts down on paper and then start typing away. I'll save it as a draft, go back later and edit, save it again, check for grammar and spelling and then post. I often edit a message after posting to make sure I've accurately conveyed my thoughts.

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, we have four dogs in our household. Three of the four are smaller lapdog-type dogs. All are under three years of age. My stepdaughter has three small dogs and when she's over (which seems like a lot!), we have seven dogs in the house! Two of our dogs (Mozart and Katie -- a Papillon and a Maltese) are close to me and compete with each other for my attention. It's not unusual for either or both dogs to be lying with me when I watch television. They lately like to sit in my lap when I'm working on the computer. Add to this mix Ginger -- my stepdaughter's Teacup Chihauhau -- who is definitely a lapdog.

Unless they're sleeping or otherwise preoccupied, I'll bring one of the dogs with me into the den. They know it's "computer time" and immediately find a comfortable spot on my lap, stretch out and lay down. I can then start working. I'm right-handed, but I'm forced to type with my left since my right hand strokes and supports the dog. Ever try to type one-handed with your non-dominant hand? It's not easy.

The result is that it takes much longer to write, edit and post than it would if I could use two hands. But would it be as much fun? I guess if you're a dog- or cat-person, then you'll understand. Those who don't care for pets will think I'm nuts. My record, by the way, is to have the three dogs on my lap at one time while working on the computer.

I posted this solo while they were busy eating breakfast!