Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Is anyone tired of the debates like me? I know that as an American, it's important to be fully aware of the issues so we can elect the better and more deserving candidate to be president.

I watched the first debate a couple of weeks ago to see how each candidate would do and which one would present their argument more clearly and concisely. As I watched each candidate, I got the feeling I was listening to a stump speech from a campaign stop rather than an attempt to address the moderator's question. I thought the second debate had more give and take, but again it still seemed like I was listening to another speech. Now it's an hour or so from the third and final debate and I'm hoping to hear more about the issues rather than a personal attack on each man's character.

I wonder just how good the Lincoln-Douglas debates were in 1860. This was an era where the candidate didn't play for the cameras and soundbites were unknown. I'd hate to think how those debates may have been different if they were televised or covered by Internet news sites! The outcome of the election may have changed and history would have been different.