Sunday, October 10, 2004

A Whipping

Well my alma mater got chewed up and spit out last night. Nebraska lost 70-10 to Texas Tech Saturday night which is the worst loss in school history -- and that dates back 115 seasons!

There's a lot of great Husker web sites out there, but the most concise site for my money is It operates a lot like Google News in that it searches for Husker-related news from all over the web. This time of year is especially interesting because of all the recruiting tidbits -- and it's apparent we need to upgrade our recruiting!

I was hoping the new coaches would jumpstart this team to be a contender again, but the West Coast Offense is a complicated offense for a college team to learn in one year. They may still be able to win the Big XII North -- none of the other North teams look very good -- but it's obvious that Oklahoma is the cream of the crop this year. Maybe in '05.