Saturday, October 2, 2004


Well there's a first time for everything. A number of people I know maintain their own blogs or read blogs of others so I thought I would give this a try. I guess after reading so much about blogs and their recent impact on the politics, I figure there must be something to them. I'm a quiet person by nature, so this is a personal stretch!

I'm 52 and live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I work at a commercial bank in the city (although we're moving to the 'burbs next week). I've been in bank marketing most of my professional life and still enjoy the challenges. Bank marketing has evolved over the years and has become very "cutting edge" in terms of technology. A lot of the stuff we can do now was unheard of 10 or more years ago.

I'm married to a Cub fan who is going through emotional turmoil because of her team's recent collapse. I guess being a Cub fan means you're always looking forward to next year, but this season (like last season) seems to hurt them more than usual. The Cubs were eliminated from postseason today so it's a sad day for all Cub fans. I consider myself a Chicago baseball fan meaning I take sides only when the Cubs and White Sox play each other.

Our family owns four dogs which often feels like four too many! All are under three years of age and are bundles of energy. We have a Lhasa-Maltese mix, two Papillons and a Maltese -- two males and two females altogether.

I attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln majoring in marketing. I'm a passionate fan of Nebraska athletics, especially Husker football. This season marks a big change from the past and I'm looking forward to see how the new offense works.