Monday, December 20, 2004

Coffee table books

I saw a CNN article today for coffee table book gift suggestions. That got me to wonder if anyone still has a coffee table.

We have a table in our living room, but it only gets used Christmas morning and maybe another day or two during the year. We have a table in our family room and it does hold my coffee mug Sunday mornings when I'm laying on the couch reading the newspaper. Other than that, it holds Coke cans, wine glasses, candles, my son's Gameboy and remote controls. In fact, it's more of a remote control table than anything else. Our TV has a remote, our digital cable has a remote, our VCR has a remote, our Surround Sound receiver has a remote, our DVD player has a remote and even our satellite receiver has a remote (even though we cancelled DirecTV a few months ago). I won't be a bit surprised that someday our remotes will have a remote!

I know coffee table books are there to impress guests -- as if I'm going to visit friends and look at a book! When Madonna has a coffee table book, then I know the trend has gone too far!