Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Dangers of work blogs

It didn't take long, but there is a new word out there to describe employees disciplined or fired as a result of their blogging. The word is "dooced" which means "losing your job for something you wrote in your online blog, journal or website." This BBC News article explains the concept a little more. There's also a site called UrbanDictionary.com that carries the definition.

There have been several cases where employees have been "dooced" by their employers based upon opinions contained in their personal blogs or journals that, in the employers opinion, cast the employer in a bad light. There is a recent case where a Delta flight attendant posed for provocative pictures while wearing her Delta flight uniform. These pictures appeared in her blog and Delta eventually terminated her. She is now taking her case public via the blogosphere.

This weblog is for my own personal pleasure, contains my own opinions and is totally unrelated to my employer, its policies and practices. In fact, I have intentionally never mentioned the name of my employer. I don't want to add "dooce" to my resume!