Friday, January 7, 2005

Strange days indeed

Yesterday I made light of the bizarre warning labels that manufacturers sometimes put on their products. This is supposedly to "educate" people on the proper use of the product but, of course, is meant to keep idiots from misusing the product, injuring themselves and then blaming (by suing) the manufacturer for their own intellectual shortcomings.

On today, I read about a TV viewer who is suing NBC for $2.5 million over an episode of Fear Factor. In this episode, contestants were forced to consume rats as part of the "competition." Austin Aitken told the AP that he became so ill from watching the episode that his blood pressure rose, he became dizzy and ended up vomiting. When asked why he simply didn't turn off the show, he said he couldn't get to the TV fast enough!

Aitken said he really not interested in the money, he simply wants to send a message to NBC and the other TV networks. How nice of him!