Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Reflections on a cold winter night

It's another cold night in the Chicago area. We're suppose to get some snow later tonight with accumulation of 1-3 inches by the morning. It seems like the past two or three Tuesdays have brought snow or bitter cold winds. The reason I remember is because Tuesday is "garbage night." There I am fighting snow drifts and the wind to put our recycling bins out by the curb.

The positive thing I'm noticing is that the days are slowly getting longer. It's still light when I leave the office and even when I arrive home. Before it would be dark when I left the office. I guess it means that spring is creeping ever closer. Of course, springtime in Chicago is no bargain. We don't get warmer weather until May...even later some years!

The White Sox held their annual fan convention last weekend and the Cubs will do the same this weekend. Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in about a month so I just need to get by the next four weeks to "survive" another winter.

It's nights like this that cause me to yearn for the hot, muggy days of summer. Of course, when those summer days are here, I'm complaining because it's too hot, too muggy and I'm uncomfortable. I guess I'm never satisfied!