Tuesday, January 11, 2005

It's a dog's world

On Tuesday, January 11th, a new law took effect in San Francisco that is intended to protect dogs. The "backyard dog" law states that dogs are entitled to perks such as fresh water and nutritious food daily and a dog house with a roof, floor and three sides. The law is intended for owners who keep their dogs outside.

The law is modeled after a similar city ordinance in Los Angeles.

As a responsible dog owner (four times over), I question why such laws are even necessary. I do understand, however, that a small minority of dog owners are not responsible and don't provide the minimum comforts in caring for their dogs. It's unfortunate that local governments need to step in where irresponsible owners refuse to tread.

On a related note: Maggie, my sister's Springer Spaniel who went AWOL in Columbus, Ohio on December 19th, was found and returned after a 22-day "sabbatical." Both dog and owner are in great spirits!